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I have no affiliation with Microsoft or any Linux distro, these are all my own opinions.
However I do see lots of hits on these sites so I know they are at least being read by people with the same problems I've been having.
Some Background. I keep about 24 linux machines, and various windows nt 4- windows xp machines up and running (as well as some dos machines) I hope that some of the following will help keep your windows machines up and happy.
I realize that some windows users never hit these problems. I also realize from google searches that a lot of users DO hit these problems. So I've tried to list the fixes or workarounds where there are any. Some of the windows variants I'm keeping running are Windows nt 4 windows 2000 windows xp and windows 7 (as well as some dos boxes To be fair, there is a reason my linux boxes outnumber my windows boxes 8:1 there is also a reason I am the only member of our household to use linux. [[update 8/12/2011 I haven't had to use windows for a loooong time, hence the 6 year blissfully problem free report, some in this house are trying to use windows 7 for real stuff now *sigh*.]]

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Windows 7 sharing 8/12/2011

ProblemFixAttempted fixes
net share rootd=d:\ is no longer enough Partial fix is to make sure D: is FAT and only put stuff you actually want to get to on D: Workaround, go to the sharing interface and set the [orthogonal to exploders view] permissions to all everyone for d:\ or whatever, then go into the exploders permissions and do the same. REALLY happy about the dodging all that extra crap in NTFS.

Windows 7 ren behavior change no longer allows pathnames for 2nd argument. 8/12/2011

ProblemFixAttempted fixes
ren \a\b\c \a\b\d no longer works, ren \a\b\c d is now necessary. Fix is for windows to either put in a flag for old behavior or to silently accept if all but the filename is the same. luckily I was creating cmd scripts with awk so I made awk do the right smarts for this.

Windows 7 only half knows about junction points. 8/12/2011

ProblemFixAttempted fixes
When trying to move (from exploder) a so called 'directory' "My Emusic" from the security encoumbered C: to the FAT D: where we store all the data we really care about being able to access. cmd is unable to see "My Emusic" on D: (cause its not really there by that name) Fix is for windows to completely understand junction points or stop the FSCK from using them. If I'm to believe that the directory "My Emusic" really exists then make sure cmd.exe and *everything* else believes it as well, seamlessly dir /s *.ogg shows this 'filename'/junction to be buried somewhere, xcopy /CHIVERKD "c:\users\....\My Music" d:\mymusic" and attrib -S -H -R d:\mymusic and it'll be there.

Windows MSN.exe leaks like a sieve, 4/2006.

ProblemFixAttempted fixes
The msn.exe will leak memory until killed (this is the MSN butterfly? interface?. I don't see this one personally cause I try not to run extra stuff. Workaround is probably to kill msn.exe and restart it.

Windows MSN IM dashboard has been dummied down and its pissing people off, 4/2006.

ProblemFixAttempted fixes
HERE HERE on all the comments made about returning messenger contacts to the dashboard!!!! I thought I was going crazy when I couldn't get messenger to 'expand'! Every time I went to 'help' I was directed to a page that said "You are not authorized to view this page."... I've spent quite a while removing and re-adding various versions of messenger over the last month and have never managed to get the contacts back on the dashboard, nor find any 'help' telling me why I couldn't! Isn't the entire point about the dashboard is to have immediate visual cues and quick access links? Pulling this functionality away defeats the purpose of both 'instant' messaging and the dashboard. **PLEASE Put the MSN Messenger Contacts back on the dashboard*** I don't understand this as I'm not a gui person but I hear lots from people about this one... You can (perhaps) see all the comments at...)!8B3F39C76A8B853F!1982.entry

Windows Excel bloats html by SIX TIMES when sorting and saving a simple table as html XP 2005.

ProblemFixAttempted fixes
I had seen this before. I really wish there was a dummydown option for all web/publisher things, this file went from 88K to 253K yuk. I'm going to have to do so much post processing it'll probably be easier to change the way I'm sorting in lisp (and quicker).

Windows Wireless only supports one key, XP 2005.

ProblemFixAttempted fixes
Imagine my suprise when I gradually realized that the only way windows computers could share a base station is if they all use one key, I tried telling them which key to use, I tried everything, the only scenario that worked was to give everyone the same key how convenient. tried all kinds of things, its pretty obvious to me the testing went something like this "oh well it works with one key, and I can see the other keys there shouldn't be any reason it doesn't work with more keys, well guess what guys.... Lest you think this is my problem I know of another person (also exmsft) who had this exact same problem and the solution was the same, use one key regardless of what the security implications are. And the only thing thta was the same was the laptops were all windows xp (different hardware)

NASA TV windows feed now way too encoumbered to use by ?yahoo? "sponsorship?" .

ProblemFixAttempted fixes
Imagine my suprise when some of my older windows boxes could not get through all the cruff and actually run the nasa feed. Realplayer works just fine at 150kb with far less mouseclicks, even on old windows machines. For those of you running windows xp, it may or may not be possible to run windows media feed, I don't know I gave up after too many mouseclicks and redirects. For those of you running windows 2000 its probably not even possible. Switch to Realplayer. Doesn't matter how less efficient it is, it works. I'm not sure what Yahoo is doing as a "sponsor" but it looks to me like they are just getting in the way and screwing up stuff.

Windows XP Generates worrying popups that contain no useful information at all to anyone.

ProblemFixAttempted fixes
Just before boot and On boot, my laptop generates popups that say "Windows System Error" "duplicate object found". no known fix I keep up to date with updates, Hey here's an idea guys! how about NAMING the duplicate object to give me a chance to track down the duplicate? otherwise just shut up about it because all you are doing is scaring me. Especially since the laptop boots without apparent problems anyways.
I found that while installing a xilinx compiler that popup would happen. So windows xp is allowing 3rd party apps to screw up the registry (instead of just reusing the duplicate key???)

Windows XP Generates dialog/popup focus stealers.

ProblemFixAttempted fixes
DEVELOPERS REPEAT AFTER ME!!! NEVER EVER STEAL THE FOCUS EVER! Your product is NOT that important, all you are doing is pissing everybody off DON'T STEAL THE FOCUS DON'T STEAL THE FOCUS I don't give a rip if there's another update waiting I don't give a rip if I have new mail, I just want to finish typing my sentence into my wordprocessor (or whatever) without jamming random keysequences up your stupid popups. Outlook 2000 had this problem, Outlook 2003 fixed the problem. Oh joy, someone at microsoft wrote a XP Power Toys specifically TweakUI.exe thank you thank you thank you! Don't know if it works yet just installed it (google for it guys/gals) Apparently Linux has this problem too to a limited extent. workaround for IM's annoying popovers of 'somerandompersonhasjustloggedon' is to not put any windows near the lower right corner of the screen, this way it won't intercept those mouseclicks just as you try and change focus to another app at the wrong time.

Windows XP can hang for 10 seconds first noticed when XP came out.

ProblemFixAttempted fixes
Quitting text editors on the network under windows xp just hangs for 10 seconds. turn off frigging write ahead cache/lazywriter cache.

Windows XP can slow to a crawl for no apparent reason.

ProblemFixAttempted fixes
We have no idea why I'm trying to help a friend track it down 2005 no known fix. tried updating to latest fixes.
tried yanking out netcable (still need to hear if that worked)
User has to reboot too often for the problem to show up, right now.

Windows XP speech synthesis halts, (thats just a single symptom of ie forgetting to refresh) ie instances get refreshes confused.

ProblemFixAttempted fixes
If you have more than one version of IE running, and they are all doing META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" eventually all or all but one will stop refreshing. no known fix. tried varying the time it takes to refresh didn't matter in terms of ie's getting stuck after a very short time.
In case anyone thinks this is an isolated incident this happens every day all day every 10 minutes or so. I've just gotten used to hitting the 'refresh' button to 'help' ie refresh.
using linux for speech synthesis gets around the problem in that one case.

Windows XP Autoupdate should NOT reboot without user's permission, E - V - E - R.

ProblemFixAttempted fixes
There is a reason I'm moving all my time critical apps (like stock crunching stuff) to linux, cause I know linux won't reboot on me by itself. There is a fix sortof, Start->Settings->Control Panel *run* 'Automatic Updates' if you select what time to download you CANNOT select not to reboot after install.
If you select "Download updates but let me choose when to install them" You don't have the option of when to download and this can make your computer pigdog slow when you're trying to get that all important stock trade done.
both options suck.
No, turning off autoupdate isn't an option there are too many things that won't work.
Fix is avoidance, use windows 2000 windows nt 4.0 or even windows 3.51 for critical apps that need to keep running.
A friend says that there is a way to disable this behavior will update this site if I ever find it.

Windows ANYTHING should not do cached writes to PnP disks at least not by default.

ProblemFixAttempted fixes
This is so obvious it hurts. it's not exactly plug and play if you have to search for something to click before you can unplug. no known fix. no known fix.
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