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Written by Barend Venter music/art

"slapchop 50 dollar mushroom" This isn't really my style but he kindly offered up a bunch of files from the original thing he made and asked people to do something with it so I went ahead and cut his stuff up and rearranged it. Perhaps you'd like to take up the request yourself. last updated 7/21/2009

"Supo Idlaviv" last updated 12/30/2006

"Wooden Hull wma" -- well I see a huge wooden ship but it seems to be heading towards alpha centauri.
"woodenhull mp3" last updated 8/14/2005

"Kite Park wma" -- reminds me of summer nights, in space.
"kitepark mp3" last updated 8/14/2005

Click for bigger image At first I thought I saw huffalumps, then I realized what I was hearing was a plodding gaseous monster on a jovianlike world, scooping up ?food? --Tim
kitepark cwp (cakewalk) attempt, very early on 8/24/2005, Barend, apologies for any errors it should get better over time.

"288kbps wma" -- techno pop, cool stuff, if you like this one you really should listen to the two above too.
"288kbps mp3" last updated 8/14/2005

"Leaky Bucket" -- techno pop.
last updated 11/23/2008
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Very good job on the music Barend! We like it! -the Corrie Boys.
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Colleen Venter's art

Locked Soul Colleen's painting of her dad and a friend.