These functions are a linear estimate for the IO-520BA's operation Listed here for entertainment value only, they are not to be used for navigation/piloting/flightplanning, nor are they meant for a replacement for a real POH. No Guarantees implicit or otherwise are implied, your mileage may vary. Don't sue me because you were stupid enough to use this! Don't have your relatives sue me because you were stupid enough to use this, run out of fuel, hit a truck on the runway, or in general do incompetent stuff! I take no responsibility for your actions, take some responsibility for your own actions!

HP = 8.939*MP + 0.002052*DA + 0.115512*RPM - 294.668
FC = 0.7311*MP + 0.007513*RPM + 0.0001678*DA - 21.38
HP is Horsepower.
FC is Fuel Consumption in Gallons per hour.
MP is Manifold pressure in inches,
DA is density altitude in feet.
RPM is revolutions per minute of the engine.