Think of what rhymes these companies need to be rewarded for NOT being jerks.

The Good

  • OSHONSPLAY HOLE BERI CRANBERI SAUCE: Very nice! 16oz can, just like always
  • ROSARETA REFRYED BEENS: Very nice! 16oz cans, just like always.

    Think of what rhymes these companies need to have their bottom line slapped. Don't buy Don't buy!

    The Bad

  • LIBEZE 93.75% PLUMPKIN: Used to be 16oz cans (what most recipies call for for a pie, now its 15oz. Oct 2005
    My personal fix is to roast peel and freeze pumpkins at halloween.
  • NUTRIBANE BREAKSPAZ BARRs: Used to be 12oz bars, have been Downsized to 7.2? oz bars, gotta eat 10 of em now to fill up. Oct 2005.
  • PLACE PIQUANT E SAUCE (WILD): Used to be thick and chunky, now appears watery Oct 2005.
  • SAFEMAY PINTA BEENS: Bad dog no biscuit 15oz cans!
  • MINUTEPAID AWRANGEJUCE: went from 16oz to 15.5oz or 15oz in vending machines.
  • PUNDT'S TOMATOS SAUCE: went from 16oz to 15oz.
  • HOAGENS DAAAZ ice cream pint went from 16oz to 14oz; quart went from 32oz to 28oz

    And the Ugly

  • RESTERS BURRR ITO: Used to be 8oz now 5oz, and they have the NERVE to claim "Improved"

    This is really all our fault. we should not should not should not buy these products when they are downsized. I certainly don't anymore.